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One of the best jobs at any casino!

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If you want to wear a tuxedo to work every day and be paid handfuls of tips, then becoming a croupier could be the role for you. There are lots of background checks and training courses to take part in, before you'll manage to get this kind of job. However, the benefits far outweigh the process of becoming a casino croupier.



This is one of the most established roles in any casino. The croupier or dealer is probably the most recognisable staff member and the one that interacts with clients the most. This isn’t one of the easiest jobs to get and you’ll need quite a lot of training before you’ll be allowed near the tables. However, with tips, a good salary and a prestigious job title it is well worth going through the process. So, what kind of things will you be expected to do as a croupier? And what skills will you need? Let’s take a look at both.

Roles and Duties

  • Setting up the table for a variety of different games, including poker and blackjack
  • Welcoming new players to the table and getting them set up
  • Teaching new players the ropes, if they have never played before
  • Ensuring all chips are placed correctly on the table during a game
  • Some casinos may ask that you trade chips for cash at the table
  • Being in control of the game and ensuring everyone is playing fairly
  • Collecting the chips from losing players and handing out chips to winning players
  • Dealing and shuffling the cards
  • Ensuring there is no cheating

Casinos have different roles and responsibilities for their croupiers, depending on their set up. It’s always a good idea to play a couple of games at your favourite casino before you apply for a job there. They may do things slightly differently! For example, some casinos request that two croupiers are present when breaking a new deck of cards. It may be your responsibility to deal with VIP players only or to handle various tables during one night. Again, this all depends on the casino, how large it is, and how many croupiers are working.


If you’re planning on becoming a croupier at a casino then there are some requirements you’re going to have to meet. You won’t be able to just walk into this job without any training or skills. While some casinos may train you up, they will require you to have your own gambling license; particularly in Australia, America and the UK. Obtaining this license will involve background police checks and a credit file check, to ensure that you’re suitable to become a croupier. There are other requirements and skills needed too, including:

  • Croupier training, this may be provided by the casino that you’re working for. If not there are certain courses out there which will enable you to learn the ropes.
  • You MUST be over 18 to work as a croupier, due to gambling laws.
  • You’ll need strong maths skills to work out bet amounts and change money into chips.
  • You should have a calm and professional disposition, while also being personable.
  • You should look presentable at all time.
  • You’ll need experience working with the public, perhaps in a hospitality or customer services role
  • You should have a good level of education; each casino will have their own requirements with this

While it may seem like there a lot of requirements and checks to becoming a croupier, it is definitely worth going through the process. The starting salary will be over minimum wage and will continue to grow with experience. Not only that, but most gamblers will tip their dealer too. This means you could be taking home quite a lot of money each night, particularly if you work with a lot of high rollers. This is an incredible role if you do manage to secure it, so start applying for that gambling license now!